Keep it Simple

Make it Good

At Simple & Good, we curate brands that produce thoughtful, life-enhancing products that we know will make this transition into pure living more accessible, smooth, and effortless.


Carefully Chosen

All our brands are either carefully crafted ourselves or by our partners, or handpicked to match our ethos. So you can relax and enjoy, focusing on the more important things.

Demonstrating Love

Love can come in many forms. Love for life, health, body, mind, or soul, we make sure all our brands demonstrate this. After all, all we need is love, right?

Enviromentally Conscious

We know it’s our duty as human beings to take care of Mother Earth. Afterall, she’s our Mother! We do this by making sure our brands do all they can to ensure we leave as little carbon footprint on her as possible.

It’s really quite simple.

We believe that a cruelty-free lifestyle is a vital step toward a thriving planet, human health and wellness.

At Simple and Good, our mission is to provide a means to sustaining health, decreasing constraints on natural resources, and reducing the negative impact on Earth. That’s why we are sharing delicious and wholesome plant-based cheese sauces, yogurts, and other natural delights. By shifting to a more ethical approach, we can preserve all life forms to the best of our abilities, bring awareness to environmental issues, and secure a bright future for our generations to come.


An eclectic group of like-minded individuals came together with the vision of creating unique and conscious projects that support the health of humanity and our environment. After many enthusiastic brainstorming sessions, our first ‘creative baby’ was our brand called SIMPLE which reflects the overall ethos of what we believe in: Simple For You, Simple For Everyone. One of our main objectives with this particular brand is to make high-quality plant-based products that not only offer good flavors but also that nourish your body. For instance, our current SIMPLE cheese’s are rich in Zinc, Iron, and Protein which act as great supplements and facilitate rapid body restoration for your exercises. We also want to give back to our earth, that is why SIMPLE will be collaborating with organizations that nurture our natural eco-systems (hence the tree in our logo!) and organizations that cultivate eco-friendly values amongst our younger generations.


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