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At Simple & Good we curate thoughtful brands that are life-enhancing, to assist one with their transition into pure living, making it easily accessible, smooth, and effortless.


It’s really quite simple.

We believe that a cruelty-free lifestyle is a vital step toward a thriving planet, human health, and wellness.

At Simple and Good, our mission is to provide a means to sustaining health, decreasing constraints on natural resources, and reducing the negative impact on Earth. That’s why we are sharing delicious and wholesome plant-based cheese sauces, yogurts, and other natural delights. By shifting to a more ethical approach, we can preserve all life forms to the best of our abilities, bring awareness to environmental issues, and secure a bright future for our generations to come.

Meet the family…

An eclectic group of like-minded individuals with the heart and vision of innovating unique and conscious plant-based projects with the intention of impacting personal health and the health of our planet without compromising the joy of your taste buds. We take joy in collaborating with organizations that stand with our ethos and are leading the way to sustainability and preservation of earths natural resources…

Our Founder….

Baram is the Founder and chief visionary of Simple & Good, Radiant Life, Organic farms and other holistic projects. He began his journey of self-healing as an entrepreneur and created an organic, plant-based café and restaurant in 2003. He geared his menu toward the health of his customers. Baram eventually healed himself from several debilitating conditions, painful digestive issues and autoimmune diseases through lifestyle.

Since 2008, Baram has developed his own unique lifestyle that integrates nature, nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. These practices became the foundation of Radiant Life. Then he started sharing at workshops and many other teaching engagements. Now, Baram is more radiant each day and sharing secrets of radiant living to help one to begin their own journey of self-healing and Radiant Life.

Later, Baram has was featured in several healthy lifestyle related articles and TV programs such as NBC4’s “Going Green. panelist on nutrition at the Green Festival, invited as a special guest on “Healthy You Fairfax Public Access – Channel 10). Also, a speaker on the student wellness program for VCU’s School of Medicine at INOVA Campus, Fairfax Virginia, from 2012 to 2017.
Soon after its opening Java Green became a consistent gathering space for eco-conscious people in the Washington D.C. metro area. Baram began hosting a series of sustainable lifestyle meetings in this cafe weekly, which later became Live Green.
He maintained the highest standards of organic and healthy foods, which led to the restaurants being awarded DC City Paper’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant in 2011 and 2008, DC City Paper’s Runner Up (2nd) Best Restaurant, PETA’s 2008 Proggy Award for most Progressive Restaurant.

In 2006, Java Green was nominated for Co-op America’s Green Business People’s Choice Award. Java Green was in the final 5 to be invited to the Green Business Conference in San Francisco, California. This was a unique achievement, for a single-location cafe to reach the final 5 green businesses from North America. Same year Awarded to Canadian Company Nature’s Path; Java Green was Runner- up (2nd place).

While running Java Green and Cafe Green, Baram also helped many other local and national businesses and organizations to become greener and more successful. He helped Coop America to change its name to Green America, later they took over Live Green membership.

He also co-founded J Green Natural Foods LLC in 2009, later became Savage River Inc. in 2011, then turned into Beyond meat and now sharing his new product through Simple & Good inc.


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